Board List

A Value-Centered School Community

The future of our country and our American way of life depends on the education of our children.

Board of Directors

  • Hamilton C. Forman, Honorary Chair, Posthumously
  • Sam Iannaccone, Sr., President
  • Dr. Dorothy Orr, Vice President
  • G. Michael Smith, Treasurer
  • H. Collins Forman, Jr., Secretary
  • Jack Latona, Director
  • Renee Smith, Director
  • Bill Spiker, Director
  • Robert Haag, Superintendent


Founding Board of Directors

The Charter Schools of Excellence is grateful to the following individuals for their dedication and hard work in overseeing the opening and operations of the first Charter School of Excellence in 1997.

  • Robert Haag, President
  • Jean Berry, Vice President
  • Hamilton C. Forman, Secretary
  • Jo Ann Medalie, Treasurer
  • Dawn Doyle, Director
  • Jack Latona, Director
  • Jeane Owen, Director
  • James Berger, Director
  • Judge Peter Skolnik, Director
  • Carlos Reyes, Director
  • Jeffrey S. Wood, Director
  • Rene Young, Director

"We will lead the Florida public schools in the standard for educational quality. The core values of honesty, respect, tolerance, fairness, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, citizenship, work ethic, and trust is the foundation upon which our school is built."